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The River Rascals
Purveyors of Southern Fried
New Orleans Noise since 1997 

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From 1997 to 2006, the River Rascals brought their eclectic mix of Zydeco, Blues and Dixieland to New Orleans square at Disneyland.

This six piece group has specialized in High energy vocals and raucous Louisiana style ensembles that keep crowds entertained at the French Market Restaurant.

The band started in 1997 at the request of Disneyland management. It seems an additional group was needed to complete their roster in New Orleans Square. They came to staff trumpeter Rusty Stiers to assemble the required components. "The whole thing started off as a Dixieland concept, but shortly after the band's inception, the Disney management team asked me to come up
with a unique sound; something indicative of New Orleans yet not of the Dixieland/Brass Band phylum."

Back at the drawing board, the band took from the New Orleans staples, of Doctor John and Professor Long Hair. Repertoire sprang from such southern-fried rockers as Little Feat, The Meters and The Grateful Dead. Woven into the mix, was a unique and funky concept of Dixieland best described as east bay, Oakland Funk.

"The Zydeco elements of our music came much later." claims Stiers. "It wasn't until Jon-Michael Kubis joined us on keyboards that we started exploring Louisiana bayou music." With the addition of Kubis on accordion, piano and organ the River Rascals have redefined standard Zydeco classics as well as contributed a contemporary spin on the idiom.

The River Rascals brand of southern comfort has finally found its way onto CD! The 12 tracks that are now available on their debut CD titled "Greetings from Swamp City" are a fun mix of songs sung about soup, love and the finer qualities of the seedy side of New Orleans.

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